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Our company LE CLOU SVA has developed an ecological and economical solution for fixing to trees for adventure park managers with acrobatic courses in height (PAH ), and operating acrobranch courses with tree climbing platforms , continuous lifelines , cabins etc ...

Our ecological fixing solution for adventure parks adapts to all tree climbing platforms , huts, hammocks, nets, acrobatic courses at heights, lifeline ... and this without damaging the tree. This innovation is the result of several years of tests which have made it possible to find a viable solution for the health of the trees, for the adventure park manager who wants a turnkey solution, easy to install, and which no longer requires any maintenance. (no maintenance for about 10 years)

Our goal is to provide adventure parks and operators with solutions that preserve the life of trees. Without trees, the activity of an adventure park collapses and its brand image too! Our intelligent and ecological fixing system has been designed to allow any adventure park operator to install our solutions. No need to be technically gifted! In less than 10 minutes and with a simple tool kit our solution adapts to your tree climbing platforms, your lifeline, for your zip lines, your cabins, hammocks, nets etc ... Moreover, in 2020 we designed our tree climbing platform the "nail chrono" which is a tree climbing platform that can be installed in less than 20 minutes with a single operator, costing up to 2X times less and which is equipped with our patented nail technology. Not bad is not it ? :)

Real craze since its last years with the green trend which is spreading all over the world, our tree fixing solution is digested by the tree and does not damage it. It can be used and installed with a simple tool kit in less than 10 minutes. Our professional clients who are adventure parks, amusement park builders, technical managers of green spaces ... or any other professionals who wish to preserve the health of their arboreal heritage by looking for a solution for anchoring, fixing à Arbre is now filled with this French innovation developed and designed in France in our 2 workshops and construction plant.


Preserves the health of your tree, and does not damage it. Our solution is "digested" by the tree

Total elimination of the maintenance of your arboreal heritage for about 10 years

Sets up in less than 10 minutes with your own tool kit and 1 operator

You can double the capacity of your tree climbing courses (X2 CA)

Our patented solution costs between X2 and X5 times less expensive than other solutions in its segment

Le CLOU Fixing Solution

With a productivity gain between X3 and X20 you improve your performance by refocusing on your business

Our fixing solution for trees and adventure courses makes it possible to meet several objectives for an adventure park operator (tree climbing park) or a manufacturer of parks or acrobatic courses at height (PAH).

It makes it possible in particular to let the tree live and not damage it, to multiply x2 your capacity to travel on a tree, to eliminate maintenance for a period of about 10 years, to be easily installed with your own tools in less than 10 minutes, to be inexpensive with an ROI between x3 and x20, to refocus your activity as an operator on the business and not taking up management time.

With the nail fixing solution designed to fix tree climbing platforms, tree houses, lifelines, lines, hammocks, guy lines etc ... without damaging the tree, you will ensure the operation of your park adventures a guarantee of quality by committing to an eco-responsible and ecological approach for the planet by preserving your arboreal heritage.

Our solution also allows you to eliminate maintenance for 10 years, so you can refocus on the activity of your tree climbing routes and your customers by improving the experience of your customers and focusing on your business rather than spending time on uninteresting, tedious and time-consuming tasks requiring expensive and qualified human resources. The solution of anchoring to trees, fixing to trees Le Clou is perfect for your adventure park, arboricultural farms, outdoor games, builders of acrobatic courses at heights

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