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Clou SVA develops innovative solutions and concepts enabling adventure park managers and acrobrobatic park builders at heights to obtain a durable, reliable and ecological product. We worked on a new concept "the tree climbing platform". In 2020 we launched an innovative tree climbing platform that we manufacture in our 2 production sites in France, completely revolutionary!

Our tree climbing platform not only allows the tree to breathe throughout the operation by the adventure park manager, but it is maintenance-free for more than 10 years!


We have developed the "360 degrees" range which allows to have a tree climbing platform which runs all around the tree, thus allowing optimum working comfort for the technical manager of adventure parks or high-altitude acrobatic parks with tree-climbing routes. heights (PAH) in the context of urgent interventions (rescue, customer discomfort, etc.) and, for the end customer (your operators can thus more easily bring down stressed or stuck customers, etc.) Carried out at From Hautes-Alpes wood, the SVA nail offers you a real revolution, an intelligent revisit of the tree climbing platform thanks to its unique combination with our patented nail fixing technology.


So as part of your tree climbing platform renovation project, or if you are looking for a sustainable solution for your winter or spring maintenance of your adventure park , or, if you need to change your equipment and your platforms acrobatic at height and you are looking for a reliable and economical solution; so our tree climbing platforms are perfect for these situations . Builder and manufacturer of French tree climbing platforms , you will be able to install our tree climbing platforms in less than 20 minutes , a time saving x8. In the end, you will discover that our solution is up to 2X cheaper than other tree climbing platforms in its segment.


Preserves the health of your tree, and does not damage it. Our platform lets the tree breathe

Elimination of the maintenance of your installations for about 10 years

Installs in less than 20 minutes with your own tool kit (X8 times faster)

This 360 ° platform allows you to be comfortable in your daily work (intervention)

Our platform costs about X2 times less than other solutions in its segment

Accrobranche platform CHRONO CLOU

It can be mounted with 1 single operator and thus allows you to free up time for your employees

The chrono nail tree climbing platform is revolutionary because this platform benefits from our nail fixing technology which allows it to preserve the life of the tree and eliminate maintenance operations for a period of approximately 10 years!

A real revisit of the tree climbing platform, our all-in-one solution allows you to have a 360-degree tree-climbing platform, allowing you to be perfectly comfortable during operations in the trees as well as when helping a stranded client. , in the event of discomfort at height ... or any other event requiring an operator.

This platform also has the particularity of being able to be assembled and installed with 1 single person or 1 single operator which makes its task very easy, so there is no need to be a technical expert to assemble it because the latter is already "pre-assembled" in our workshops in France to allow you with a simple tool kit to install it easily and without excessive constraints in your trees.

Ingenious, can be assembled for 1 person and ... its assembly will only take you a few minutes. Indeed the average time observed to assemble it is less than 20 minutes! So not only will you save on its maintenance, but you will also gain in efficiency and full-time equivalent time! Your employees will be able to do more things since you will free up them more time!

Put end to end between the fact that this platform does not damage your trees, installs in less than 20 minutes, mounts to 1 person, allows to gain in efficiency in intervention and eliminates maintenance for 10 years, the latter is X2 times cheaper to use than a standard tree climbing platform. So don't wait any longer and order the Chrono Clou platform

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